Mahogany is a high quality timber used for furniture, cabinetmaking and joinery. Although grown naturally across a large range, it has become a popular plantation timber in many countries.

The timber is very attractive and works easily with excellent finishing qualities and dimensional stability. This makes it a very popular choice for the manufacture of high quality furniture.

Botanical Name: Swietenia macrophylla (Meliaceae)

Other Common Names: Big Leaf Mahogany, Mahogany, Mahoni and many others

Technical Information

ColourThe heartwood is reddish or pinkish, the colour darkening with age and
GrainThe grain of the wood is interlocked, sometimes straight, with a fine to
moderately coarse texture. The surface is glossy, and the timber is often nicely figured because of the irregular grain.
StrengthS6: SD7
Structural RatingsF11
Hardness (Janka)3.55kN
Termite ResistanceNonresistant. Treated stock available.
Shrinkage to 12% MCLow – (2% radial – 3.2% tangential)
Durability above groundClass 3; 5 -15 years life expectancy
Durability in groundClass 3; 5 -15 years life expectancy
Working propertiesMahogany is easy to work with and has excellent finishing qualities and
dimensional stability. Planes well. Nails well. Glues well. Sands to a very fine finish and will take a good polish
UsesMahogany is used for high-grade furniture & cabinet making, joinery, windows,
doors, construction materials, & veneers. It is also suitable for panelling, framing,
flooring, & interior trim of boats, musical instruments, mouldings & turning.