Procurement Policy

Responsible Timber Procurement Policy

The global forest products industry is a diverse industry that contributes to the economic development and social well-being of rural and urban communities worldwide. As a member of this industry, TLB Timber Pty Ltd (TLB) has developed a policy for Responsible Timber Procurement because we are committed to play our part in the challenge of promoting sustainable development to improve environmental and forest practices along our supply chain and to combat illegal logging.

TLB supports the principles of sustainable forest management (SFM) and the development of forest certification systems to promote SFM.

TLB endorses certification systems that have the following characteristics:

  • Consistent and internationally recognised SFM criteria;
  • Employs third party independent certification process, which is developed and implemented in a transparent manner with input from stakeholders;
  • Promotes stepwise improvement along our supply chain.

TLB Timber Pty Ltd Procurement Policy

  1. TLB will ensure that timber products are only purchased when there is accompanying documentation to show that they have been legally harvested, transported and processed in accordance with National Laws.
  2. TLB will only purchase timber from suppliers that have employed, or are in the process of employing Third Party verification of legality, or environmental accreditation, or have made a written commitment to do so.
  3. TLB will not purchase timber products from National or International protected areas.
  4. TLB will not purchase nationally protected species or species listed under CITES Appendix 1.
  5. TLB will work with our suppliers to ensure all sections of the supply chain are identifiable and accompanying documentation is correct.
  6. TLB will work closely with Government bodies of Supply countries to ensure that our suppliers are working in accordance with their National Laws.

TLB’s Responsible Timber Procurement Policy is authorized by the Managing Director of TLB Timber Pty Ltd and supported by the Board of Directors. The Policy will be reviewed annually and updated when appropriate.  The Policy is available to Staff, Customers, Suppliers and appropriate Government bodies.