Light Hopea is a very strong and dense timber that is easily worked. It is a highly durable product, making it ideal for external applications.

Botanical Name: Hopea Papuana (Dipterocarpaceae)

Other Common Names: Merawan

Technical Information

ColourHeartwood is yellow brown to dark brown.
GrainTexture is fine and even. Grain is slightly interlocked.
StrengthS3 : SD4
Structural RatingsF17 : F22 select grade
Hardness (Janka)4.5kN (unseasoned) & 4.7kN (seasoned)
Termite ResistanceNonresistant; Lyctine susceptible. Stock treated to H3 level available.
Shrinkage to 12% MCLow – (2% radial – 9% tangential)
Durability above groundClass 2 - Life expectancy 15 - 40 years
Durability in groundClass 2 - Life expectancy 15 - 40 years
Working propertiesThe timber is easy to work with if tools kept sharp. Smooth surfaces can be
readily obtained providing that cutting edges are kept sharp. Planes well.
Nails well. Sands to a very fine finish and will take a good polish.
UsesJoinery, window sills and frames, stairs, furniture and general construction,
flooring, cabinetmaking, mine timbers, piling, panelling.