Rosewood is a beautifully figured and richly coloured hardwood highly prized for furniture, veneers, flooring, joinery and panelling.

Rosewood has excellent working and technical properties.

The timber is sought after by master craftsmen of luxury furniture items.

Botanical Name: Pterocarpus indicus

Other Common Names: Lingua, Amboyna, Padauk

Technical Information

ColourGolden-Brown, Yellow Brown, Red-Brown to Dark Blood Red
GrainModerately course texture. Grain is usually interlocked, sometimes wavy.
Structural RatingsF14 select grade
Hardness (Janka)4.7kN (seasoned) & 4.2kN (unseasoned)
Termite ResistanceResistant
Shrinkage to 12% MCVery low (2% tangential - 1% radial)
Durability above groundHighly durable - Class 2 - Life expectancy 15- 40 years
Durability in groundClass 3 - Life expectancy 5 to 15 years
Working propertiesEasy to work with both hand and machine tools. Glues well. Nails well.
Sands to a very fine finish and produces a high polish with golden lustre.
UsesFlooring, furniture, panelling, fine joinery, windows, doors, decorative turnery,
cabinetmaking, musical instruments, and specialty items.