Heavy Hopea is a perfect timber for construction. It is a very dense, very strong product, with a high resistance to termites. Its fine texture and grain make it easy to work with.

Its natural durability and strength make it perfect for external applications.

Botanical Name: Hopea Iriana (Dipterocarpaceae)

Other Common Names: Giam, Heavy Hopea

Technical Information

ColourHeartwood is yellow brown to dark brown, deepening with exposure.
GrainTexture is fine to medium and even. Grain is typically interlocked.
StrengthS1 : SD1
Structural RatingsF27 : F34 select grade
Hardness (Janka)9.2kN (unseasoned) &10kN (seasoned)
Termite ResistanceResistant
Shrinkage to 12% MCLow – (3% radial – 6% tangential)
Durability above groundHighly durable - Class 2 - Life expectancy 15- 40 years
Durability in groundClass 2 - Life expectancy 15 to 25 years
Working propertiesThe timber is easy to work with. Smooth surfaces can be readily obtained
providing that cutting edges are kept sharp. Pre-boring recommended for
nailing to avoid end splitting. Sands to a very fine finish and will take a
good polish.
UsesBilliard-cue butts, Boat building, Broom handles, Building construction, Canoes,
Crossties, Decking, Domestic flooring, Excelsior, Factory construction, Factory
flooring, Flooring, Handles, Heavy construction, Joinery, Ladders , Lifeboats,
Marine construction, Mine timbers, Parquet flooring, Pile-driver cushions, Piling,
Poles, Railroad ties, Shafts/Handles, Shipbuilding, Sporting Goods, Sub-flooring,
Tool handles, Utility poles, Wharf construction