Exterior Hardwood Ply

Our Exterior Plywood is manufactured to AS/NZS 2271 from tropical hardwood veneers, using an “A” bond, WBP glue with high quality veneer selections for exterior non-structural applications requiring a high appearance grade face for painting or finishing.

The hardwood species used in manufacturing range from light weight to medium weight hardwood density timber species. Both faces are sanded to produce a durable surface ideal for exposed applications.

Technical Information

StandardAS/NZS 2271 Exterior Plywood
Sheet DimensionsLength – 2440mm, Width – 1220mm Thickness – 3.6/ 6.0/ 9.0/ 12.0/ 15.0/ 18.0mm
Veneer GradeBB Grade (Face) and CC Grade (Back)
Stress GradeNot Applicable
TreatmentH2 glueline treatment (Bifenthrin)
Timber SpeciesTropical light & medium light hardwood, mixed with softwood red & white
Moisture Content8% ~12% (despatch)
TolerancesAs per AS/NZS 2271
+/- 4% - sanded sheet over 7.5mm thick up to and including 17.5mm
+/-3% - sanded sheet over 17.5mm thick
AdhesivePhenolic Resin – AS/NZS 2754.1
BondType A – AS/NZS 2098.2
FinishS 2 S (sanded two sides) . BB faces may have small filled or sanded
imperfections. CC back may have rough patches or puttied splits.
VariesVaries. Majority is blonde face and back.
Edge ProfileSquare Edged
CertificationThird party certifification – Engineered Wood Products Association of
Australia (EWPAA) – (Certificate #923)
Warranty40 years against glueline failure when used in correct application.