White Tulip Oak is an attractive versatile timber. Its fine texture and grain make it easy to work with. It is perfect for interior furniture, joinery, flooring, decorative panels as well as general construction.

Botanical Name: Pterygota horsfieldii

Other Common Names: Pterygota

Technical Information

ColourHeartwood is predominantly straw coloured but ranges from cream to pale brown
GrainTexture medium to coarse. Grain is typically straight or shallowly interlocked.
StrengthS3 : SD4
Density640-750kg @ 12% MC
Structural RatingsF14 select grade, seasoned
Hardness (Janka)6.0kN seasoned
Termite ResistanceNonresistant; Lyctine susceptible. Treatment to H3 level available.
Shrinkage to 12% MCLow – (2.3% radial –5.9% tangential)
Durability above groundModerately durable (Natural Durability Class 3) –Suitable for protected
exterior work and for interior use. Not suitable for use in contact with the
ground. Is permeable to pressure treatment.
Working propertiesThe timber is easy to work with. Smooth surfaces can be readily obtained
providing that cutting edges are kept sharp. Pre-boring recommended for nailing to avoid end splitting. Sands to a very fine finish and will take a stain and polish well. Glues well.
UsesGeneral construction, bridge and wharf superstructure, interior finishing, cabinet work, joinery, moulding, furniture, panelling, veneer, flooring, sport floors, tool handles, cladding, lining steps, hand rails.