Structural Hardwood Ply

Our Hardwood Structural Plywood is manufactured to AS/NZS 2269 from tropical hardwood veneers, using an “A” bond, WBP glue with veneer quality selections from B to D and a minimum F14 stress grade.

Structural Plywood is very stable and workable and is suitable for all applications, including permanent exposed and structural applications for the building, shop-fitting and cabinet-making industries. The most common grades of structural plywood available are C-D and D-D.

Quality Assured

All structural plywood is branded with the “PAA Tested” stamp. The engineering properties of structural plywood are tabulated in AS/NZS 2269. The tropical hardwood timber species used provide the stress grade to minimum F14 and common in F17.

StandardAS/NZS 2269 Structural Plywood
Sheet DimensionsLength – 2400mm, Width – 1200mm
Thickness – 7.0/9.0/12.0/15.0/17.0/19.0/21.0/25.0mm
Veneer GradeC Grade (Face) and D Grade (Back)
Stress GradeF14/F17
TreatmentBifenthrin glue line treatment to AS/NZS 1604 to H2 level against borers and termites
Timber SpeciesTropical hardwood, mixed medium hardwood.
Density680kg/m3 up.
Moisture Content8% ~12% (despatch)
TolerancesAs per AS/NZS 2269
+/- 4% - sanded sheet over 7.5mm thick up to and including 17.5mm
+/-3% - sanded sheet over 17.5mm thick up to and including 25.0mm
AdhesivePF 934 Melamine formaldehyde (Phenolic Resin – AS2754.1)
BondType A – AS/NZS 2098.2
FinishSanded one side (Face)
VariesVaries. Majority is blonde face and back.
Edge ProfileSquare Edged and Tongue & Groove available
CertificationThird party certification – Engineered Wood Products Association of
Australia (EWPAA) – (Certificate #923)