Finger Jointed Laminated

TLB Timber is proud to represent the Magna Glulam product range in Australia.  Magna Glulam are high quality laminated timber products with predictable strength and in-service performance, and are particularly suited to external applications.

Magna Glulam products are manufactured to the highest international standards utilising off-cuts of kiln dried Merbau that are finger-jointed then laminated under pressure with Phenol-Resorcinol Formaldehyde adhesives, which are not only durable but heat proof, water proof and chemical and fungal resistant.

90x902.4-6.0Appearance Grade AGL17
100x1002.4-6.0Appearance Grade AGL17
115x1152.4-6.0Appearance Grade AGL17
140x1402.4-6.0Appearance Grade AGL13
190X1902.4-6.0Appearance Grade AGL13


66x42Bottom Rail5.4Appearance Grade A
66x42Dressed5.4Appearance Grade A
66x42Rebated5.4Appearance Grade A
66x66Ladies Waist5.4Appearance Grade A
66x66Bread Loaf5.4Appearance Grade A

BEAMS GL17 3.6 – 7.8

90x423.6;4.8;5.4;6.0Appearance Grade AGL17
140x423.6;4.8;5.4;6.0Appearance Grade AGL17
190x423.6;4.8;5.4;6.0Appearance Grade AGL17
240x423.6;4.8;5.4;6.0Appearance Grade AGL17
290x423.6;4.8;5.4;6.0Appearance Grade AGL17
140x653.6;4.8;6.0;7.8Appearance Grade AGL17
170x653.6;4.8;6.0;7.8Appearance Grade AGL17
190x653.6;4.8;6.0;7.8Appearance Grade AGL17
240x653.6;4.8;6.0;7.8Appearance Grade AGL17
290x653.6;4.8;6.0;7.8Appearance Grade AGL17
140x803.6;4.8;6.0Appearance Grade AGL17
190x803.6;4.8;6.0Appearance Grade AGL17
240x803.6;4.8;6.0Appearance Grade AGL17
290x803.6;4.8;6.0Appearance Grade AGL17

Species: Merbau (Intsia bijuga)

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